Dare To Be Stupid

When it comes to videography, there is no right or wrong, just what works. Just what serves the film and propels the audience in the direction you desire. Yet so often we (myself included) limit ourselves to perfection, to beauty and consequently to a kind of bland formalism. For when we disregard the beauty of the imperfect, what some might describe as wabi-sabi, we disregard a huge amount of the human experience.

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Adopting Aesthetics

After entering a Straight 8 film festival (a competition to shoot the best possible film, straight to 8mm motion film with no editing) a few weeks ago, I began to wonder what keeps such competitions going in an age of digital perfection, in an age of Arri Alexas and Red Weapons, why pay >£65 for 3 minutes of unsynced 8mm footage.

What exactly is it that intrigues us about visual imperfection, why is there always a constant push backwards. When less and less us of us have any experience with the object of our nostalgia.

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